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How To Increase Your Facebook Posts Engagement [Infographic]

How to get more likes, comments and shares on FacebookWhy do you need more engagement on your Facebook Posts?

Well, other than the obvious, more engagement means higher EdgeRank. Higher EdgeRank means more people will see your content.

But how do you get more engagement? Nobody said it’s easy. One thing I can guarantee you right now is that it will not happen overnight. I think we all understand that, a better question will be “how do I start working on getting more engagement now?”

The one thing you can change today is how you post to Facebook, this is how you start working on getting people to engage more with your content:

  • Test different formats (photo, video, link)
  • Test different days and times
  • Test the length of your posts
  • You get the picture…

Marketing is a testing game, if you are not willing to test you will not find the full potential for your online efforts.

Notice that we’re not discussing if your content is good or not, the reason is that epic content is already expected from you as an expert. If this is not the case, then we need to go back to the canvas. Posting in different formats or at different times will not help.

That said, a good starting point doesn’t hurt, and this nice infographic by Dan Zarrella definitely provides a guide to get started on your quest to get more likes, comments and shares on your Facebook posts and hopefully, improve your EdgeRank.

I also want you to participate in the comment section below because I know you have your experiences with this, either good or bad. If you want to ask questions go ahead, if you want to share with the rest of us what’s working for you, that’s cool too.

How to increase engagement on your Facebook posts

Infographic courtesy of Dan Zarrella

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