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Powerful, Innovative Solutions For The Mobile Web

The mobile web has changed the game. With over five billion devices and counting, mobile and handheld devices have changed how communication and commerce take place on the internet.  Today, the Internet is mobile, it is free. But launching your mobile web without a clear strategy is a common mistake. Content deployment, location-based services, platform support – all of these require alignment with business needs, market trends, competition, brand messaging, online marketing strategy and user expectations.

With today’s smartphones, millions of us experience a rich user-interface and ubiquitous access to the web from just about anywhere we happen to be. In fact, right now, about 20% of site traffic on your existing website is coming from mobile devices. Our mobile web strategy for our clients entails multi-layered and multi-platform applications. Starting with mobile web designs that are customised exclusively for use on mobiles and tablets, powerful application development on iOS, Android and windows phones to create a native presence of your business on consumer devices, creating on interactive content to engage and involve consumers with our products/services and offers and promotions and finally developing new and unique methods to talk to our customers that little personal gadget we all carry with us at all times.

The future of the web is mobile and Synergy helps you get a head-start in that personalized and lucrative segment with ease. If your existing website strategy does not include a mobile-friendly solution, talk to us today and experience the power of talking to your customers one a one to one basis.

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