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Supercharge Your Online marketing strategy

So your company has a nice and pretty website. That’s probably not going to do much by itself unless you know what to do with your website and how to drive traffic to it, because without visitors, there are no leads and no new business. Driving consistent traffic to your website requires an ongoing and aggressive strategy that combines amongst others methods – search engine optimization, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, pay per click campaigns, data capture, content optimization, newsletters, web analytics and more.

At Synergy we specialise in filling the gaps in your web marketing strategy by bringing together diverse resources, methods and techniques to analyses and then improve the quality, design, content, functionality and user interaction of your web presence and transform it into an interesting, user-friendly, dynamic and fun experience for the visitors to your site. Once that is done, we supplement it with a combination of techniques and methods that drive continuous and consistent traffic to your website and increase not just visitors but also potential leads, inquiries and interest in your product and services. And that’s not all.

We then analyses the traffic coming to your site, its origin and source, what visitors are doing on your site, where are they coming from, how much time they spent, which pages they spend more time on, what they did and a whole lot of other detailed analytics feedback that further helps us understand the behavior of our visitors and improve and tweak our web presence to achieve even better and more consistent results.

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