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The 100 best mobile apps to try

  1. Speak – Message safely while driving.
  2. beme – Share moments honestly (an app from Casey Neistat).
  3. Momentum – Super simple, nice-looking habit tracker.
  4. Input – Get more done, faster. All your tools in one.
  5. Periscope – Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.
  6. Myl0 – Helping guys with their wardrobe.
  7. Streaks – The todo list that helps you form good habits.
  8. Copied – Save copy/paste items and sync with your Mac.
  9. Tumbleweed – Credible, curated news you can edit and share.
  10. Makeovr – Do amazing things with your homescreen!
  11. App – The EASIEST way to unsubscribe from junk email.
  12. Proud – Tasks, reminders, habits and more in one simple app.
  13. Looie – Access the nearest, nicest and cleanest bathrooms in minutes.
  14. Companion – Never walk home alone.
  15. Be My Eyes – Help blind people see. Seriously.
  16. Slide – A cool way to shoot 3D photos.
  17. Annex – Keep track of what you’re doing to be more productive.
  18. Triller – Shoot fun music videos that don’t suck.
  19. Hindsight – Track the last time anything happened — track frequency.
  20. Slash – A super-charged keyboard that lets you search anything, share anywhere.
  21. Spark – Like your email again.
  22. Numerous – Life’s most important numbers available at a glance.
  23. wesnap – Take half a photo, let a friend take the other half.
  24. Roger – Talk to your favorite people walkie-talkie style.
  25. Phind – Take a photo of a place to get info about it (visual search).
  26. Dinner Mode – Disconnect from technology while you eat to be present.
  27. Vurb – Find and save things to do.
  28. Jetty – Smart, minimal money management app.
  29. Capitan – Literally the smartest (and nicest-looking) shopping lists app.
  30. Short – The reading list for busy people.
  31. Hooks – Get notifications about things you care about.
  32. NeuBible – A modern Bible app.
  33. Work Hard Anywhere – Find the best laptop-friendly cafes and coffee shops.
  34. SelfieStick – Tilt your head to take a pic.
  35. OurHome – Gets kids motivated to help out at home.
  36. Tribe – Seriously cool video and voice messenger.
  37. Pushbullet – Connects your devices to make them feel like one.
  38. SubscriptMe – Never lose track of your subscriptions again.
  39. Stigma – World’s most popular personalized journal.
  40. Lifesum – Healthy living, simplified.
  41. Outflow – Keep track of all your subscriptions.
  42. Annotate – Get your point across quickly and clearly.
  43. Gallery Doctor – Automatically identifies bad or duplicate photos to erase.
  44. SleepWake – The app that won’t let you fall asleep while driving.
  45. Productive – Build good habits.
  46. Stringify – Connect every thing (physical and/or digital), make experiences.
  47. Counsel – Realtime advice from real people.
  48. LockItUp – Lock your Mac or PC from anywhere.
  49. Niice – Effortless moodboards.
  50. Laundry Day – An app that helps you do the laundry.
  51. Storyline – A new experience for Twitter. Social inbox zero.
  52. Room for More – Free up space on your phone. Never run out of space again.
  53. FirstRun – The app for first-time runners.
  54. Toshl Finance – Keep track of your personal finance for free.
  55. Off The Menu – Access secret menus across the US.
  56. Everlance – Effortless expense tracker and automatic mileage log.
  57. Letterspace – Distraction-free notes.
  58. Cover – Create stunning photo overlays in seconds.
  59. Marco Polo – Find your phone by shouting Marco!
  60. Felt – Send real hand-written cards from your iPhone.
  61. Wakie – Friendly community of people sharing life experiences.
  62. Mailburn – Turn email into social messaging.
  63. Robinhood – Free stock trading.
  64. DreamLab – Help solve cancer while you sleep.
  65. Jerrycan – A beautiful fuel, MGP and mileage tracker.
  66. Live GIF – Turn your iPhone’s Live Photos into GIFs.
  67. WLPPR – Awesome satellite images to use as your phone’s wallpaper.
  68. Shrugster – A cooler emoji keyboard.
  69. relevant – Your phone’s missing home screen.
  70. 5coins – The simplest way to track your expenses.
  71. Reelgood – See what movies your friends are into and track your watch list.
  72. OurMix – Listen to a daily mix of music from your friends.
  73. Plume Air Report – Check the air quality in your city.
  74. Nod – Chat anonymously with people nearby.
  75. Mapstr – Track all your favorite places around the world.
  76. Tailor – Stitch your screenshots together — much cooler than it sounds.
  77. Pinpoint – Markup screenshots.
  78. #Captain – One hashtag to rule them all.
  79. Remote Mouse – Turn your mobile phone into a remote mouse.
  80. Bundle – Group and manage photos in shared collections with family/friends.
  81. Liner – Highlight anywhere, share and save in one place.
  82. Roll – Camera roll sharing.
  83. TagsDock – Easily tag your Instagram and Vine photos (keyboard).
  84. Taplet – Pull HD photos from your videos.
  85. Tack App – See what’s going on anywhere, anytime.
  86. Chhirp – A mic button for Twitter.
  87. Fresh Air – A simple weather app.
  88. Unicorns – Livestream your phone screen.
  89. Carbo – Handwriting in the digital age.
  90. booqmarq – Find the next book you want to read.


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