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Top 10 Free Website Speed Testing Tools

Website speed is a major part of optimizing your websites for users and search engines. The faster your website loads, the less the users have to wait, which will reduce your site’s bounce rate.  If your website loads slower, most users will not wait, and will instead look for content on other sites.

From the search engine point of view, website speed has a significant impact on your rankings as well.  If your site has valid markup and a good loading time, it will definitely get higher placement then slower sites.  For this purpose, this post features a number of free online website speed testing tools, which can give you an overview and recommendations on how you can make your site load faster.


1. is the best speed testing tool that I have came across. It might not have extra cheesy features like other tools have, but what makes it unique is that it checks website speed and load time through multiple data centers around the globe, so you can actually know how much time your site is taking to load in almost all parts of the world.

2. is a very handy free tool which actually gives you a descriptive analysis of your site of loading time and how can it be improved. Here are some unique features of this tool:

  1. Web page speed report.
  2. Global report.
  3. Calculates total object sizes – This includes number of javascript, css, images, etc.)
  4. External files calculation.
  5. Loading times – In this section it shows your website’s loading time in different internet speed connections from 14.4 kbs – T1)
  6. Analysis and recommendations – This is the most important part of this tool.  It provides you with a descriptive analysis and recommendations on how you can fix the issues and make your site load faster.

3. Rapid Search Metrics

Rapid Search Metrics This is one of the very best online tools I depend on when I have to do some SEO or speed testing analysis. This is a simple tool but it can be incredibly valuable.  Here are some unique features of this tool:

  1. Speed analysis – It analyzes a site’s average speed, data volume, size with HTML and without HTML.
  2. Estimates load time – Shows site’s estimated loading times on different internet connections.
  3. Separate analysis reports – Shows separate analysis reports of CSS Files, Images, Javascript files etc.

4. has a unique way of reporting.  It’s a simple tool which intakes your URL and, in about 5 -10 minutes, sends you email about your site’s analysis report. The best part is that the report is in PDF format and you can review it whenever you want unlike other engines. Here are some unique features of this tool :

  1. Shows multiple loading times.
  2. Shows server processing time and browser processing time.
  3. Speed optimization details – This is a very handy part, it shows your site’s server response time, HTML, JS, CSS load time and also shows how much time can be saved by optimizing these files.
  4. Yslow grading – It grades your site on the 14 best practice guidelines of speed optimization

5. Pingdom Tools

Pingdom Tools PingdomTools is an awesome tool as well.  The best part of it is that it shows you size and loading time of each and every element of your site like images, CSS, HTML, JS, and more.

6. iWebtools is a very simple but accurate website speed testing tool. You can test your website’s loading time and even compare up to other 10 domains’ loading speed.

7. Website Goodies

Website Goodies Website Goodies is also a very simple and quick tool which shows you estimate of your website loading time without any hassle.

8. WebToolHub is very handy as well.  It consists of two analysis modes, simple and advanced.  In simple mode it shows you the loading time and website speed on different internet connections.  The advanced mode analyzes loading time and speed of each and every element of the site.

9. is a simple tool to test your website speed.  It shows you website loading time on a certain internet connection.

10. HooverWebDesign

HooverWebDesign Another simple tool which analyzes website loading speed accurately in seconds.

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