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Maximizing your reach in the world of social media

Get personal with your customers

There is unprecedented opportunity right now to reach audiences and communicate with potential customers through social marketing. The key is to know what your objectives are and how social media can be used to achieve them. Social media optimization done the right way can bring countless benefits and opportunities to your company. At Synergy we have taken our time to learn the intricacies of social media, especially over the last 3-years of explosive growth that it has witnessed.

At Ted Media we specialise I creating an extraordinary and noteworthy social presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linked In amongst others. Whether you need to just build a deeper relationship with your customers, grow your brand awareness, create a multimedia channel for your products and services, create traffic to your website or just build a community platform around your business or you need unique, tactical ideas to reach out to consumers within your market place, we have the solutions for you.

The mobile web has changed the game. With over five billion devices and counting, mobile and handheld devices have changed how communication and commerce take place on the internet.  Today, the Internet is mobile, it is free. But launching your mobile web without a clear strategy is a common mistake. Content deployment, location-based services, platform support – all of these require alignment with business needs, market trends, competition, brand messaging, online marketing strategy and user expectations.

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