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forward-thinking ideas
built on proven expertise

Creating exciting creative work in design, web, video, or digital becomes relatively easier if progressive, innovative thinking is combined with years of proven capabilities and experience. We have used this approach for producing excellent outcomes. Here are a few principles that power our approach.


Combining data, analysis, trends and insights to develop plans and strategies that yield desirable outcomes and results for companies we work with.


Maximizing the output from a given set of resources, thus ensuring optimum results, efficiency and satisfactory returns on investment for our clients.


Produce original, unrelated concepts, innovations and ideas, patterns and experimental possibilities that can yield unexpected and inspirational results.


A sense of responsibility and commitment towards what we do and to the clients who we do it for. A genuine, ethical and honest approach.


Always aspiring to discover new methods to improve on old ways, new thinking to obtain better results, doing old things in newer ways.


There is no gap between what we promise and what we deliver. It's important to honor a commitment that we make to our clients.


We help you develop a unified marketing and communications strategy that encompasses direct marketing, digital marketing, social media, advertising, promotions, video, graphic design, and content.

A full-service advertising and marketing agency such as Synergy TWD enables clients to obtain the efficiency of a unified vendor who can fulfil all their needs and offer a unified and holistic approach to their marketing and communications strategy.

Typically this would enable better results, a more cohesive and centralized operational control, a more unified creative approach, and efficiencies in terms of costs, time, and speed.

Such an approach enables us to build the core components of an organization-wide marketing plan that covers all aspects, platforms, channels, and media.

Our integrated marketing expertise makes it easy and fast for clients to obtain both online and offline solutions with ease.

We are equipped to offer end-to-end solutions that include traditional advertising in newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV to Social media marketing, SEO, paid search, and video production. 

Additionally, we empower clients to make informed and data-based decisions by conducting extensive research and analysis of all aspects of the companies past and existing marketing communication efforts and evaluating their success objectively and accurately.

client-focussed &

We like to think of ourselves as not just a good agency but as a trusted partner and consultant for our clients. Our client focus shows in our 82% client retention rate and we are still working to taking it higher.

We often notice our competitors not grasping one key element of the agency-client relationship – that of trust. For us, it is the most fundamental element of building and enduring a mutually rewarding relationship with our clients. Our transparent and unambiguous approach with our clients has always kept us in great esteem and provided extensive references and word-of-mouth recommendations for our work. Here are a few ways we go about achieving that:

Simplifying the complex and ever-changing world of Google and Social media platforms, which have more than half the planet’s population addicted to them.

78% of our surveyed clients and marketers indicated that they find Digital marketing landscape and technology complex and difficult to understand – which it is. We have expertise in providing proven online marketing solutions that are systematically implemented and generate exceptional performance and results.

We assist companies in achieving growth and success with e-commerce and Internet marketing with ease, simplicity, and clarity.

We leverage our experience across the digital domain to help companies grow and market their business cost-efficiently and achieve results with clarity and measurability. Our goal is to achieve marketing outcomes rather than vanity results. 


Developing real, defined, measurable and time-bound marketing strategy and business plans that are aligned to your brand and business goals.


Create original, effective and creative video, visual and tactical components to convey the brand message and attributes.


Utilise, data, research, experience and global trends in online marketing and social media platforms to develop a broad-based yet targeted omni-channel campaign


Execute, manage, test, measure and monitor campaign performance, evaluate results and engagement, analyze outcomes and find methods to improve ROI.


We believe human interaction and behaviour will continue to shape the direction and approach to both online, and offline channels. We apply insights such as these to develop high-performance websites, apps and web applications.

Most consumer commerce will happen on the mobile

Everything from shopping to medical consultation is now happening via mobile apps and by 2025, the majority of commercial and business communication would have moved to the consumer with mobile as the primary medium.

User experience will impact online success

Business with a pro-active online strategy and active digital touchpoints across multiple devices and channels will outperform their competition and generate significantly higher revenues from virtual market places.

Consumers are engaging with multiple sales funnels

Consumers are being exposed to all types of technology and user experiences at break-neck speed. This is enabling consumers to easily differentiate & choose between poor quality low performing website or app & a well-designed one.

E-commerce will drive revenue growth

The ease, economics, & convenience of online shopping is now a globally accepted reality. Companies must aggressively plan & invest in an e-commerce strategy to stay relevant to their customers & retain and grow their revenue and market share.

Know what drives us to excel in our work. Discover the people and talent who power the company. Understand our approach, strength and passion that has helped us become one of the best advertising and marketing agencies in the UAE.


Synergy has created a unique position in the marketplace as a dynamic, innovative, and client-focused full-service advertising agency. Read more about how we do things.


We work with clients across many industries and sectors. Our clients include fortune 500 companies and local SME's, both of whom have very distinct needs and expectations.


Our full-service expertise offers proven capabilities and solutions in online marketing, video marketing, animation, digital media, graphic design, branding, marketing consulting, photography and more.


Our clients are the best judges of our work and how good we are at it. Read what they have to say about their experience working with us over the last several years.


We are an integrated marketing agency with a highly-skilled tea, and full in-house resources. A collection of very talented multi-cultural professionals and a expertise that is second to none.


Know what drives us to excel in our work. Discover the people and talent who power the company. Understand our approach, strength & passion that has helped us become one of the best advertising & marketing agencies in the UAE.


If you are looking for an experienced local advertising and marketing agency with 15-years in the marketplace, full-service expertise in digital marketing, video production, web development, graphic design and branding. You have reached the right place. Get to know us better, and let’s talk.

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