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Why we are a preferred
choice for our clients

We have worked hard to reach a client-retention rate of 82% in a challenging and competitive market and that’s a great testimony to our approach and customer service standards.

At Synergy, we recognise that the UAE marketplace is unique and different from most other markets and regions of the world. Consumers and influences from diverse cultures are shaping lifestyles, cuisine, entertainment, shopping, and business practices. As a direct result – the standard marketing and communications tools need to be reanalyzed, redesigned, refined, and reapplied to attain successful results. Therefore, our clients expect, and we deliver customized plans that yield better results.

Expertise in both B2B & B2C

We have accumulated a strong experience across both B2B and B2C segments. This has given us unique insights and capabilities and makes us relevant to a far wider market.

Diverse industry experience

Our clients range from large multinational companies and corporates to SME's and new businesses. We are equally at home with the local market place or much larger international arena.

Excellence in our services

In a very competitive industry such as ours, its important to know what you are doing and to be doing it well. Agencies come and go fast becasue they fail to offer value and quality work to clients.

Comprehensive Solutions

It's highly efficient and resource-saving to work with a single vendor that can fulfill all your needs - we do just that for our clients. The full gamut of Marcom solutions across all platforms from one agency.

Building reliable and
transparent partnerships

We refuse to push off-the-shelf, recycled solutions to our clients, and push ourselves to develop strategies based on the client's unique needs.

We strive to build successful, long-term relationships with our clients. For us a business, a great client relationship is an investment by both parties in one another for the sake of mutual success. Our clients expect us to be efficient, reliable, knowledgeable and honest and we ensure that we are all those things and more.  Our business depends on it.

We aim to provide innovative, forward-thinking ideas and services to meet the emerging demands of our clients.  We utilize the full scope of our expertise, the depth of our knowledge and work with the latest and most robust development technologies available to provide our customers with a unique combination of reliability, value and performance.

A few of our clients

Our clients are Fortune 500 companies, as well as local SME's and startups operating in the UAE, and companies operating in over 140 other countries.

Our broad experience in the industries we serve has been rewarding and enriching. We work with leading clients from manufacturing and construction to trading, services, and finance, from banking and education to real estate, technology, and healthcare.

We have handled complex projects in E-commerce, Web Development, Mobile Applications, Corporate Videos, Brand development, Product launches, Online marketing, and corporate collateral development to name just a few. Here’s a small list of our key clients.


Advertising, Digital media, and Communications are complex fields that offer new challenges and dynamic variables on a continuous basis. How do we navigate those challenges for a consistently positive outcome for our clients?


Know their business

Doing exhaustive customer research, and creating detailed customer personas really takes the guesswork out of who the audience are, and makes your targeting razor-sharp.


Channelize their USP's

Every brand has its strengths and opportunities. The key is to find them and then actively leverage the brand values when talking to the customers. This builds trust and acceptance.


Engage their customers

Attracting customers is only half the job done. We then nurture the leads and convert them into loyal and long-term customers by using inbound marketing and sharing high-quality content with them.


Track & measure

The success of any marketing plan or strategy can only be measured with accurate and consistent performance tracking, analytics, data, and inputs from marketing and sales teams.


Constantly be adapting

Each advertising or digital marketing campaign must be carefully analyzed, scrutinized, evaluated, and valuable insights and results tabulated for use in future campaigns.


Build their Social proof

We build confidence in our client's business by consolidating customer feedback through Google reviews, case studies, testimonials, white papers, social media reviews , awards and certifications.

read our client’s

Providing time-tested and reliable expertise to our clients is the starting point of a long and rewarding association. Clients also find us trustworthy and credible because of our super-efficient customer service and genuine, honest advice that we offer them.

Here are a few of them sharing their experience of working with us.

See Our Work

Know what drives us to excel in our work. Discover the people and talent who power the company. Understand our approach, strength and passion that has helped us become one of the best advertising and marketing agencies in the UAE.


Synergy has created a unique position in the marketplace as a dynamic, innovative, and client-focused full-service advertising agency. Read more about how we do things.


We work with clients across many industries and sectors. Our clients include fortune 500 company and local SME's who have very distinct needs and expectations.


Our full service expertise includes leading edge services and solution in video production, Digital Marketing services, Branding and Graphic Design and more


Our highly-skilled designers and programmers are proficient with market-leading web development products, services, and tools and develop world-class online assets with confidence.


We are an integrated setup with full in-house resources. A team of very talented multi-cultural professionals and a expertise that is second to none.


We believe in utilizing the most suitable tools and resources for providing creative original and well-researched solutions and ensuring best practices are complied with.


If you are looking for an experienced local advertising and marketing agency with 15-years in the marketplace, full-service expertise in digital marketing, video production, web development, graphic design and branding. You have reached the right place. Get to know us better, and let’s talk.

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