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A full-service Dubai advertising, marketing and digital agency offering end-to-end solutions in video, E-commerce, Social Media, Digital Marketing & Consulting.

We leverage data, research, creativity, and consumer insights to achieve results with clarity and measurability. Our goal is to achieve marketing outcomes rather than vanity results. For nearly two decades we have provided clients in diverse industries with original, research-driven, and insightful expertise in advertising, branding, media, digital marketing, Social Media Marketing, website development, photography, and video production.


We are a UAE born and raised agency, having grown up imbibing the UAE's culture, people, attitude, and business practices. We are perfectly adapted to the Gulf business environment and enable companies to navigate the challenging and dynamic business environment with our expertise.


We are among the select few advertising & marketing agencies that are still offering full in-house resources to our clients ensuring speedy, efficient, and optimized services without the challenges of quality control with outsourced suppliers. We use skilled experts, deliver better quality work, faster.


Our offerings encompass everything: from strategy, creativity, planning to execution, monitoring, and analytics. We offer advertising, marketing, websites, and more to efficiently meet the needs of any business in any industry no matter what your marketing communications needs are and what you are trying to achieve.


Its hard and demanding to consistently meet the expectations of clients. We have consistently aspired to provide world-class services, solutions and expertise to our clients for the last 15 years. Our client retention is in 82% which speak volumes about our customer focused approach.

We enable businesses to
reach their target audience


We dont just rely on the knowledge and data, but our experience and gut feel too, in choosing what may and work and what may not. The idea is to focus on obtaining the best results using the best methods.


All online activities generate data, lots of it. It's a very valuable tool in deciding the best approach and strategy for all online marketing, campaigns. We love to use it for planning the best strategy.


As a strong multi-disciplined agency, with a strong resource of talent - we are well equipped to offer world-class capabilities in conceptualizing, executing and managing marketing and communications at any scale.


We strongly believe excellence in customer service and client management is imperative for long term growth and success. We delegate every effort, energy, and planning towards that goal, always.


Whether your business challenge is brand growth or growth in market share, converting customers or converting deals - we can help out with a well thought out strategy that encompasses all aspects of your business, market & competition.

Online marketing provides businesses the ability to reach customers at every stage of their purchase journey. Social Media and other online platforms have accelerated how consumers access, share, and process information. This has also necessitated that brands keep pace with how consumers are behaving online and offline or run the risk of being left behind.

We channel all available consumer touchpoints, past and current data, analytics, research, insights, and our own intuition in designing an effective communication plan. The goal is to build a trusting relationship with the consumer for an enduring connection with your brand.

Building your brand with
video content production

Video marketing and quality video content is the cornerstone of a successful social media and online marketing strategies. Video attains far higher engagement and shareability compared to any other form of media - making it a critical component of your online marketing plan.

By 2022, it is projected that 82% of all Internet traffic will be related to video – 1500% more than it was in 2017. 

Marketers agree that video enables a more immersive, personal and engaging medium of sharing important brand-related information with consumers. No matter at what stage of the marketing-funnel your customers are at, it is possible to inform, educate, attract, inspire, and even entertain them and achieve an unprecedented level of interaction with your customers. 

Our video production expertise helps you do just that, with ease, clarity and on a budget. We help companies successfully build video marketing strategy that can be easily integrated with your current marketing and media plans. We also help you create interesting and memorable branded video content that tells the story of your products, promote a product or service, share ideas and information or just stay in touch. 

Video is also the most consumed content on social media platforms and an effective tool that brings you closer to your customers. 

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We have expertise in diverse industries and in both B2B and B2C segments in the region. We have evolved to offer our scalable and customizable solutions to companies of all sizes, across a broad range of industries in commercially diverse markets. Here are some of the local and international clients we work with.

 Our clients are Fortune 500 companies as well as local SME’s and startups operating in the UAE and over 12 other countries. From telecom and hospitality to FMCG, healthcare and real estate we serve a variety of sectors. Whether it’s a new tech startup looking to develop a internet strategy or a global multinational seeking to enter a new market we have the expertise to translate challenging goals into realistic plans. Our clients have come to expect end-to-end solutions from us to meet their online marketing,  advertising, video, and digital marketing requirements.


Know what drives us to excel in our work. Discover the people and talent who power the company. Understand our approach, strength, passion that has helped us become one of the best advertising & marketing agencies in the UAE.


Synergy has created a unique position in the marketplace as a dynamic, innovative, and client-focused full-service advertising agency. Read more about how we do things.


We work with clients across many industries and sectors. Our clients include fortune 500 companies and local SME's who have very distinct needs and expectations.


Our full-service expertise includes leading-edge services and solution in video production, Digital Marketing services, Branding, and Graphic Design, and more.


Experience: Our clients are the best judges of our work and how good we are at it. Read what they have to say about their experience working with us.


Our highly-skilled designers and programmers are proficient with the world's leading web and e-commerce products, services, and tools and develop reliable online assets.


We believe in utilizing the most suitable tools and resources for providing creative original and well-researched solutions and ensuring best practices are complied with.


If you are looking for an experienced local advertising and marketing agency with 15-years in the marketplace, full-service expertise in digital marketing, video production, web development, graphic design and branding. You have reached the right place. Get to know us better, and let’s talk.

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